Canadian Government Addresses Shortage of Workers

The federal government of Canada has undertaken steps to fast-track the release of Labour Market Opinion or LMO with the hope of addressing the problem of workers shortage in Canada. The newly accelerated LMO will initially apply to businesses wanting to address Canadian high-skilled worker shortages, such as welders. This will be gradually expanded to include risk-based processing for all occupations and components of the temporary foreign worker program.

Hiring of Temporary Workers
Canada accepts 150,000 temporary foreign workers per year to fill up the shortage of skills in Canada. Canada encourages temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. The access to work in Canada as temporary foreign workers is not restricted but it depends on the following conditions:

• Nature of the job
• Availability of permanent residents or citizens for that specific job
• Availability of the expertise for that job from the temporary foreign workers who can transfer skills to permanent residents, citizens and contribute to Canada economy during their valid work-permits while working in Canada as temporary foreign workers.


Workers’ Categories
According to Global Immigration Consultancy Services, the categories are as follows:

High Skilled Categories:
Computer and Telecommunication:
• Software developers
• Telecommunication software designers
• Embedded systems software designers
• Software products developers
• MIS software designers
• Multi-media software developers.

Skilled Trade Categories:
• Welders
• Carpenters
• Construction workers
• Health workers
• Cooks, Chefs
• Butchers
• Automotive service technicians
• Truck and Bus mechanics
• Motor vehicle body repairers
• Plasterers, drywall installers
• Masons and Bricklayers
• Bakers
• Hairstylists and barbers
• Jewellers, Jewellery repairs
• Mining workers
• Machinists and other allied skilled trade jobs.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program
According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows employers to hire foreign workers to fill temporary labour and skill shortages. Employers can hire workers abroad or already in Canada. Examples of qualified foreign workers already in Canada include those who are about to complete a job contract with another employer or those holding an open work permit that allows the employee to work for any employer in Canada. The program can be used to hire foreign workers for up to four years.

• The processing time varies depending on where and how the application is made.
• The foreign worker is responsible for the application process; however, the employer may need to seek approval from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada through the LMO. This indicates that there is a need for a foreign worker and that there is no Canadian available.


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  1. It is good to know that people who are school bus drivers aren’t necessarily in the regular work force… the best school bus drivers are people who are retired, self employed and stay at home parents…

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